Hiding an affair from spouse or partner

Hiding an affair from spouse

Hiding an affair from spouse has been a thing that’s been going on since forever. This article will help you find methods and ways in which your partner has been cheating on you and also how we can help you uncover the truth.

What is an affair?

Extra marital affair

An affair can be described as a romantic and emotionally intense relationship with someone other than your spouse or partner. It can also be defined as a sexual relationship between two people. One or both of whom are married to someone else. Generally an affair means that something is going wrong with the relationship.

However Affairs can be referred to with different names. Among common law spouses it’s referred to as “INFIDELITY” and called “ADULTERY” among married couples. They could be long term or short term.

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Types of affairs

Types of affairs include Casual, Romantic, Cyber and Emotional affairs.

Casual affair – A casual affair is a kind of physical relationship between two people. Who most times engage in sexual relations

Romantic affair – A romantic affair can be regarded as “an affair of the heart” .  These are sometimes in the form of sexual liaisons among unwed or wedded parties. Though that is not always the case. It may also be considered some form or another of non-monogamy.

Cyber affair – This can be seen as an online affair or cyber affair. It may be between individuals who may know basic information about one another. Like their names, but have never met. Or it may occur online with someone the person knows in real life.

Emotional affair – An emotional relationship may also be called a romantic affair as well. This often lacks sexual intimacy, but has intense or enduring emotional intimacy.

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Why people have and hide affairs from spouse

There are many reasons why a partner may be cheating or hiding an affair from a spouse.

sexual urge

lack of love

Unmet needs

There are so many other reasons why partners choose to have affairs.

So if you have difficulty genuinely communicating with your partner, or they don’t make you feel valued. You may be more likely to stray. Also You need to invest time and energy into your relationships. One may Experiencing chronic tiredness over many years. This means one’s capacity to put in the necessary work to keep their relationship strong is also compromised.

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How partners hide affairs from spouse

Hiding an affair

Transaction trail

You may not know this but your credit card and phone bills may be under constant review if your partner tends to be suspicious. Any unusual purchases on your credit card statement might encourage your partner to doubt your fidelity. The solution for this problem is fairly simple i.e. using cash for all of your purchases for your secret lover

Digital tracks

In this age of technology. You are bound to leave ‘digital’ tracks which may lead your partner to discover your unholy sins. These digital tracks include your call log, record of conversations on your phone or social networking sites, emails etc.  These cheating partners develop a system to constantly wipe you digital tracks to play it safe.

Place of rendevouz

They never take things for granted and steer clear of places that are in close proximity of the places frequented by you. It also helps them to avoid popular places so as to not run into anybody that may know them.

They Engineer an Inscrutable Alibi

Weak or phony alibis are the most common things that makes an affair apparent. they put some serious thought into alibis which seems to be fairly plausible and confirmable. such alibis include regular engagements like a cooking class, gym or anything else that suits their profile.

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