How to hack iphone camera (De Tech Geek)

That’s true. You might think it’s not possible, but it is. And I’m here to help you with how to hack an iPhone camera.

Tricks To Hack iPhone Camera : There’s two ways on how you can do it. One is using a jailbreak tweak called “No Flash”, and the other is using an app called “Photo Investigator”.

Using No Flash : The tweak doesn’t actually remove your flash from the device. In fact, when you take a picture the flash will still popup. However, if you are in a dark place and there’s no light coming in, your camera won’t make a flash noise or vibration so you’ll have time to snap the photo before anyone notices. It also has other features like: night mode, tripod mode and HDR mode. All of these are very useful features in order to capture great shots.

Using Photo Investigator : This works by editing the photos after they have been taken. There’s several features on this app like: ability to zoom in on pictures; clone tool; blur tool; sharpness tool; white balance feature; exposure feature; and much more! All of these tools you can use to edit photos.

(DE Tech Geek)

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