1.1 How to Hire A Certified Ethical Hacker

How to hire a certified ethical hacker

Who is a Ethical Hacker?

Hire a certified ethical hacker. An ethical hacker, or a white hat hacker, is someone who tests the security of software and computer systems. These hackers use their technical skills to test systems for security flaws without causing damage or stealing information. Ethical hackers have many roles but are almost always employed by the company they are testing.
Hackers who exploit security flaws without the permission of a company are known as black hat hackers and are often the source of cyber attacks on computer systems.
Black hat hackers are often motivated by curiosity, a desire for money, or malicious intent. White hat hackers, on the other hand, work with organizations to ensure their vulnerabilities do not compromise customer data and confidentiality.

Why you should hire a certified ethical hacker

If you are a small business or home user, you may be wondering whether your PCs and network are secure. You may have heard about Trojans, viruses, and other threats on the news or from friends. But you’re not a computer person. How can you tell if your security is good?
One way is to hire an ethical hacker to test it for you. Certified ethical hackers (CEHs) are trained professionals who do what hackers do, except they only hack into systems that have hired them to check their security. They can tell you where your system’s weak points are and then help you fix them. Some businesses hire CEHs as a regular part of their security audit; others hire them just before a big trade show or conference, when they expect to receive lots of business data from customers, suppliers, and other companies.
The U.S. Department of Defense has been hiring CEHs for over 25 years now, since the days when hacking was something done by criminal gangs to steal credit card numbers and passwords. These days it’s the more organized criminal gangs who are the biggest threat to security; they are often hired by foreign governments or large corporations to steal trade secrets or research data that their competitors don’t want them to have.

What it means for you to hire a certified ethical hacker as a staff

Certified ethical hackers represent one of the most valuable resources for your company’s cybersecurity. Because they are able to both hack into your company and then offer solutions to prevent such attacks from happening again, hiring a certified ethical hacker to work as a consultant or even on an ongoing basis will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re doing everything possible to protect your customers’ information and personal information.
The importance of protecting customer data is essential to the continued success of any business. For example, if you have an e-commerce site, the information you collect from your customers could include their name, email address and physical address. This data is important because it can be used by cybercriminals to steal money from people’s bank accounts or steal their identity or both. Just think about how many times you’ve received emails in which someone claims that they need help moving money out of their country because someone stole all their money. These emails are phishing scams designed to trick people into sending money to them or gaining people’s personal details. Hire a certified ethical hacker to help you.

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